School Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)

The function of the School Education Advisory Committee is to:
1) Carry out responsibilities delegated to it by the pastor and pastoral council
2) Assist the pastor and school principal in carrying out their leadership roles in the parish  education and formation programs.

Enactment of policy is the responsibility of the pastor. Just as the pastoral council is a consultative body, so too, the School Education is consultative. Neither the pastoral council and its committees nor the School Education Advisory Committee can make decisions binding for the school without the approval of the pastor and principal. A consultative committee is one which collaborates with the pastor, principal and pastoral council in the planning process.

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee is a sub-committee of SEAC. Their role is to develop and implement a comprehensive communication and marketing  plan for our school.  To be a part of the Marketing and Communication Committee, please contact the school office.

Strategic Marketing and Development Plan (SMDP)

Diocese of Superior received a grant for some schools within the Diocese to work with Catholic School Management to guide our school into the future.  With this grant, our school is in it's second year of a four year process to create a strategic marketing and development plan which will bring many more blessings to our school. The SEAC committee along with school staff will continue to work through this process.